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We are the Commonwealth's agency for civil society. We support people's participation in democracy and development

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People of the Commonwealth: Critical Conversations Frank and fresh perspectives on questions that really matter to the Commonwealth’s 2.4 billion citizens. Find out more about our new series of events. View Now

Space for change?

Often, when I talk about striving to make human rights progress within the Commonwealth, I’m met with raised eyebrows. The Commonwealth? I’ll hear, is that […]

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Message from the Director-General on the planned closure of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies

The Commonwealth Foundation, one of the three intergovernmental pillars of the Commonwealth, has a specific mandate to amplify the voice of the Commonwealth’s 2.4 billion […]

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Upcoming Commonwealth Foundation Events
3:00 pm, 8 Dec 2020 to 4:30 pm, 8 Dec 2020 GMT
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A Commonwealth for All: Young Leaders Speak

People of the Commonwealth: Critical Conversations

How can the Commonwealth be a positive force for change? Join young leaders from across the Commonwealth as they share their vision for the Commonwealth and use examples from their own lives and work to inspire advocacy and action for change.

The destiny of the Commonwealth is in the hands of the next generation. Of the 2.4 billion Commonwealth citizens, over 60% are under 30. Not only are young people the majority, they are taking action on the most pressing issues of our time—from gender equality to racial justice and climate change.

We will explore young people’s perspectives on the Commonwealth’s complex past. What big lessons have been learned, especially from recent activism around racial justice? How can Commonwealth institutions support youth movements that are pushing for change and help them to do and deliver more?

In collaboration with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and the Commonwealth Youth Council, the third event in the Commonwealth Foundation’s Critical Conversations event series puts young leaders’ views and desires at the heart of discussions about the Commonwealth’s legacy, and more importantly its future.

We’re asking young people to come to this conversation with their ideas about what is important, what must change and what support they need to lead the Commonwealth into the future.

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Alicia Wallace
Darrion Narine
Lisa Rapley
Kakembo Galabuzi Brian
Kavindya Thennakoon
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