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Imagination is key to our Commonwealth’s future Alicia Wallace on why recognising the expertise of young people and the value of their perspectives is critical to the development of a better Commonwealth. View Now

Dato’ Sudha Devi K.R. Vasudevan appointed Chair of the Commonwealth Foundation

Dato’ Sudha Devi K.R. Vasudevan is the first Malaysian and the first representative of the Asia region to hold the position of Chair since the Foundation’s establishment in 1966.

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Commonwealth: pragmatism and ideals

Dr Harshan Kumarasingham argues that a new education exchange programme would reinvigorate the Commonwealth and help realise the potential of its 1.2 billion young people.

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2:00 pm, 26 Jan 2021 to 3:30 pm, 26 Jan 2021 GMT
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The People’s Voice: Protecting Media Freedom Throughout the Commonwealth

People of the Commonwealth: Critical Coversations

The decline of media freedom in the Commonwealth has been identified by Commonwealth Member States, institutions and civil society as an issue of growing concern. Threats to media freedom are contributing to an erosion of democratic culture and diminished government accountability at a time when such accountability has never been more important—or more urgent.

All Commonwealth Member States have publicly committed themselves to upholding ‘peaceful, open dialogue and the free flow of information, including through a free and responsible media’. But across the Commonwealth, assaults on media freedom are becoming more commonplace and more severe.

While there are many events looking at these issues, this event will focus on issues unique to the Commonwealth’s position: asking what can be done by and with Commonwealth institutions, what can civil society do to work against the multiple forces that are seeking to close down the free flow of accurate and truthful information and the role the Commonwealth needs to play if it is to remain true to its own principles.

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Julie Posetti
Clare Rewcastle Brown
Manasseh Azure
Steffon Campbell
Guy Berger
Rana Ayyub
Shahidul Alam
Zoe Titus
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