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‘Politics and Ambition’ an Interview with Kamila Shamsie

Posted on 18/10/2011
By Commonwealth Foundation
"To see narrative not as a snapshot of yesterday's news, but to tell a story that goes over a space of time, that has links to other stories, that has different points of view within it, to me this is the only way I can understand a political moment."
Kamila Shamsie

Kamila-Shamsie_profileKamila is the author of five novels: Burnt Shadows (2009), shortlisted for the Orange Prize; In the City by the Sea (2004)and Kartography (2003) were both shortlisted for the John Llewellyn Rhys/ Mail on Sunday Prize; Salt and Saffron (2000) and Broken Verses (2006). In 1999 she received the Prime Minister’s Award for Literature and in 2004 the Patras Bokhari Award – both awarded by the Pakistan Academy of Letters. Kamila lives in London and Karachi.

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