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Amplifying freedom of expression

  • Amount funded: £60,000
  • Year: 2023
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Locations: United Republic of Tanzania
  • Grant stream: Open grants call

In Tanzania, the independence of journalists is restricted due to legal gaps that inhibit freedom of expression.

Project partners
Tanzania Media Women Association Zanzibar
Media Council of Tanzania (MCT)
Zanzibar Press Club (ZPC)
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How we are helping

This project will work towards the enactment of laws that promote a vibrant and free media environment and empower journalists by advancing freedom of expression and access to information.

About the project

Editorial independence of journalists in Tanzania is limited due to a lack of legal protections. As a result of the restrictive media environment, including the recent Media Services Act, journalists struggle to report on issues of corruption, accountability and transparency. Their watchdog role has been challenged further with journalists facing criminal liability when reporting the proceedings of the Tanzanian House of Representatives.  

Tanzania Media Women Association Zanzibar will work with five partner organisations (the Media Council of Tanzania, Association of Journalists in Zanzibar, Zanzibar Press Club, Pemba Press Club, and School of Mass Communication of the State University of Zanzibar) to advance freedom of expression by engaging with government to advocate for the enactment of media friendly laws.  

This will be achieved by:

  • analysing eight media-related laws, identifying gaps restricting freedom of expression and proposing recommendations that will be shared with media groups, civil society organisations and government institutions
  • training journalists to understand the legal gaps and how to advocate for change
  • supporting journalists to produce stories from the legal review for traditional and social media to increase awareness of the issues and to generate support for change
  • conducting roundtable discussions with government, civil society organisations, and media representatives on the current situation and pathways for change
  • conducting a consultative meeting with the House of Representatives, its social welfare committee and involved lawyers to share recommendations for law reform using examples from the Africa region.

As a result of this project, it is hoped that the capacity of mainstream and community journalists to advocate for a more media friendly legal environment will be improved; and key actors including government and CSOs will be able to respond more effectively to address legal gaps relating to freedom of expression, access to information, accountability and transparency issues.

Project Partners
Tanzania Media Women Association Zanzibar

Tanzania Media Women Association Zanzibar advocates for women and children's rights by conducting awareness-raising activities for cultural, policy and legal changes and transformations in society through the use of media. They work to enhance women and girls’ economic empowerment and justice, realise women and girls’ specific needs through stronger democratic governance, reform legal frameworks and improve media and stakeholder responses to gender rights related concerns.

Media Council of Tanzania (MCT)
Zanzibar Press Club (ZPC)
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