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Enhancing gender responsive policies

  • Amount funded: £53,763
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Locations: Kenya
  • Grant stream: Open grants call

Kenya’s Constitution requires that no more than two thirds of any one gender represents any elective post. In the 2013 general election 19 women stood among the 244 candidates that fought for Senator positions in the 2013 General Election and only occupy 9.8 per cent of seats.

Project partners
Institute for Education in Democracy (IED)
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How we are helping

Supporting a project with the aim of enhancing gender responsive policies through engaging with civil society organisations, political parties and The Registrar of Political Parties.

About the project

The Institute for Education in Democracy (IED) is now working towards the High Court’s recommendation that positive steps should be taken to increase the representation of women in politics by 2015. It will explore the development of affirmative action in political parties and ensure that the promotion of gender equality is consistent and sustainable, raising the long-term position of women in politics.

The Institute will stage a consultative forum with civil society organisations, political parties and the Registrar of Political Parties to identify strategies for affirmative action. The Registrar – which oversees the law on political parties and has the mandate to ensure gender considerations are integrated into the membership and workings of the parties – will play a pivotal role in the work and will also see its capacity to develop tools to guide political parties in establishing affirmative action regulations built and enhanced. The IED will also develop a new framework with which civil society organisations will be able to monitor the progress being made by political parties on gender equality.


Project Partners
Institute for Education in Democracy (IED)
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