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Young people in the Caribbean take first steps to participate in governance

Secondary school students from the Chaguanas Borough of Trinidad and Tobago have received certificates to mark their participation in the pilot of a project funded by the Commonwealth Foundation, Fostering a democratic culture in schools and local communities in the Caribbean

Addressing young graduates of the programme, project facilitator Josh Drayton said he hoped this project will inform better decision-making in local and national governance. 

“My concern is that leaders within our society make decisions on our behalf, and we have to live with them. The challenge in that is, what about you? How are you as young people involved in this conversation? And that is the big concern here… Political decisions and local government affect you.”   

The Commonwealth Foundation and CALGA are investing in Caribbean youths in an effort to improve public awareness about the Local Government system, starting in secondary schools. This initiative also aims at immersing youth in local culture and promoting respect for cultural diversity in plural Caribbean societies.