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Pacific Voices

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19-year-old Glen Burua wraps up his short film, ‘The Education of Grayson Toki’

Building on the success of our 2012 Commonwealth Shorts we decided to be more region specific for this project and focused in on the Pacific, a region that was desperately lacking in support for individual directors and writers who wanted to make films. After teaming up with BSAG Productions – a New Zealand production company, and with six directors on board, we embarked on Pacific Shorts.

The six writer/directors from Tonga and Papua New Guinea attended script development workshops with local script editors before developing their own scripts and shooting their own films, with the assistance of BSAG. All of the films highlight stories and issues that they feel passionate about that affect their communities. The films explore Pacific culture and open the world’s eyes to these talented filmmakers.

Watch previews of the films here.

Malani Wolfgramm is a filmmaker dedicated to providing professional video productions for the Kingdom of Tonga.


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