Devon Gardner, Programme Manager for CARICOM Energy, has said that civil society input is critical for the Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM) to deliver benefits to Caribbean people. 

In an interview with the Commonwealth Foundation, Mr Gardner stated that since “the objective of CARICOM is to improve the lives of citizens from the region, then you can’t necessarily improve the lives of people unless you know what it is that the people want out of their lives. So the role of civil society, which represents the man on the street and the people of the region, is something that is important to whatever work and activities we undertake.” 

Mr Gardner spoke after delivering a presentation on CARICOM energy policy processes to the members of the Caribbean Consultative Working Group (CCWG). 

“We believe that the role of civil society in shaping what it is that we want to derive is important,” said Mr Gardner. “The bottom line is, if it is that we are to shape energy strategy and policy and to deliver actions on the ground, we must know what it is that our people are prepared to do to meet their energy goals and objectives. And without civil society, that question can never be answered.” 



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