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Tuvalu, Tuvalu

Original poem recited at the Commonwealth Foundation's Festive Poetry Event.

Posted on 13/01/2022
By Sir Iftikhar Ayaz KBE

Tuvalu, Tuvalu
by Sir Iftikhar Ayaz KBE

Tuvalu, Tuvalu –
Our home and friend
Our birth place – And end
We love you

There comes a time when we need to call
When the world must come together one and all.
To save people dying
It’s time to lend a hand
And everyone should take a stand

We can’t go on pretending day by day
That all the problems will just go away
We are all a part of God’s creation
So we need the hand of love from every nation

We are the world and we are all one
So lets start doing what needs to be done
There’s a choice we need to make
To protect our beloved Tuvalu at stake
It’s true we’ll make the best choice
To help Tuvalu and listen to their Voice

Send them the resources so they know that you care
So their lives will be saved and free from despair
It is a Mayday call to COP26
Tuvalu cannot be ignored
And the climate devastation must be fixed

We must take heed before it is too late
And all our hearts will be filled with grief
If Tuvalu sinks to the bottom of the coral reef.

Tuvalu, Tuvalu –
Our home and friend
Our birth place – and end
We love you.

Sir Iftikar A. Ayaz KBE is the Honorary Consul of Tuvalu. He recited this poem at the Commonwealth Foundation’s Festive Poetry Event.

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