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Time travel

Original poem recited at the Commonwealth Foundation's Festive Poetry Event.

Posted on 13/01/2022
By H.E. Dr Kevin M. Isaac

Time travel
by H.E. Dr Kevin M. Isaac

Has time ever tempted you
to run away,
as far as your feet would go;
to grab hold of the soft hand of a dream and follow wherever it leads.

Has life ever tried to seduce you,
urged you to pack light,
and hit that open road to anywhere;
where brisk, soft winds gently kiss your face and affection powers your mind’s sails;
as tomorrow pulls you forward.

Was there ever a time
you craved that hushed tranquillity off the beaten track,
alone with your thoughts
letting you look deep into
the dreamy eyes of a cherished dream
and fall madly in love with the impossible until boundaries expire?

When was the last time
your heart grazed wild in open fields skipped rope with whistling birds;
flirted with precocious flowers,
danced with nosy trees in damp grass
and dodged fireflies
on the eyelids of love.

Was there ever a moment
when you wanted to sit very still…
Perhaps on a parked bench
along the river’s edge,
tease your thoughts
and disappear into a world
that made you feel safe, fulfilled,
as life’s rewards bowed at your feet
letting you drift away briefly

Or maybe,
you remember a time
when you longed to partner
with your soul’s partner;
share thoughts by symbiosis,
exchange raw emotions
and feel full –
knowing you were understood fully.

H.E. Dr Kevin M. Isaac is St. Kitts and Nevis’ High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He recited this poem at the Commonwealth Foundation’s Festive Poetry Event.

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