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The SAMOA Pathway: Recommendations from Commonwealth Civil Society

Posted on 07/08/2015
By Joe Byrde
Commonwealth Insights: The SAMOA Pathway

The second in a series of civil society reflections on participatory governance, this publication provides an analysis of the main conclusions of the Third UN Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Summit held in September 2014.

It offers recommendations from civil society in the Commonwealth from the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean on the critical issues raised in the SAMOA Pathway, the principal output from the SIDS Summit, on how to begin to turn these commitments into a transformative agenda for the sustainable and inclusive development of SIDS. 

Civil society organisations (CSOs) put forward these recommendations to build on the progress already made by SIDS governments and to demonstrate their commitment to work with governments to strengthen advocacy with the international community. In the same way, it aims to encourage SIDS leaders to make their pledges on the SAMOA Pathway actionable and meaningful. CSOs from the Commonwealth have begun to monitor and evaluate the progress and achievements of the Pathway and intend to document their findings.



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The SAMOA Pathway: Recommendations from Commonwealth Civil Society