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Sunflowers Behind a Dirty Fence – Scene 8

Posted on 10/04/2013
By Commonwealth Foundation

BOSS: (LOUD WHISPER) Psst! Boy! Psst! Come I show you –
ASKARI: ‘Allo sir, if you want to see child you see Headmistress. ‘Allo! No one is allowed to call child from fence.
BOSS: Ah nawe, my sister’s boy forgot his medicine at home. I’m only going to pass it to him. Do you want the boy to die in school?
ASKARI: Everything with Headmistress.
BOSS: Nawe!
ASKARI: The boy’s mother know rules very well. Only Headmistress can allow to talk to child in school.
BOSS: Listen, I am needed at police for a very important case but my sister called me crying – the boy forgot his medicine. You know these new diseases simanyi diabetes simanyi ki, what could I do? I am a lawyer, if this boy dies because I had to waste time with the Headmistress, you will see. Even that small piece of ground in your village will belong to me.
ASKARI: Aaah, I don’t want trouble.
BOSS: Here, take something small for your trouble.
ASKARI: Eh, thank you sir.
BOSS: Very good. Now I’m very busy, you call me that boy there.
ASKARI: That one?
BOSS: Yes that one playing by himself.
ASKARI: OK Sir. What is the boy’s name?
BOSS: Again name? I’ve told you go and bring that boy there.
ASKARI: Yes that one. What is his name?
BOSS: Mukasa.
ASKARI: Mukasa who?
BOSS: Don’t joke with me. Your worried about this little job, I will take away everything you have. Go and get the boy.
ASKARI: Is it a mistake? (CUNNING) I want to call the boy with both his names just like Headmistress then no one will suspect.
BOSS: Give me my money.
ASKARI: Eh, Sir. Again what is the problem?
BOSS: Give me my money, you thief.
ASKARI: No problem. Let me go and call Headmistress. She will help.
BOSS: You will die in this little job.
ASKARI: But sir, everyone will die in their little job. But today, I will die with a little more money in my pocket. Now get away before I blow my whistle. You think because I am askari I’m stupid. My sister’s boy… Go!
BOSS: Rotten maggot! Don’t think I can’t find you.
ASKARI: Eish, find me at the bar, today I will buy you a beer.
BOSS: Maggot! It is almost eleven o’clock. That witchdoctor is about to call. To grab a boy in Kampala in the middle of the day is risky… eish. (CALLING) You maggot, you will pay.
ASKARI: (SHOUTS) Ah, get away!