The Foundation seeks to understand the conditions that trigger and hinder change in governance and how civic voices can be effective change agents. As such, the Foundation will invest in co-creating knowledge with our partners on what participatory governance looks like in the countries and regions where projects are supported.

The Knowledge Learning and Communications (KLC) team works across programme areas to capture and harness the diverse knowledge that is generated from the Foundation’s participatory governance programme while also evaluating programme effectiveness and ensuring that working practices evolve for continuous improvement.

As part of the 2017-2021 strategy, KLC will endeavour to ask the right questions and support teams and projects to think and reflect on the ways in which to support change. Opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing will be enabled across and between grants projects, Commonwealth Writers and PGG programmes.  The team uses a range of techniques – capturing knowledge from project monitoring and assessment reports; facilitating brainstorming sessions, learning exchanges between projects, online platforms; and, research and embedded learning with partner projects. Internal learning practices of staff will also be enhanced through skills development and reflection and adaption processes of the results of programme learning.

Different forms of communication – such as social media, mainstream media, blogs, briefing papers and reports will be used to share the results of our programme and internal learning.  In turn, communications will be an important element in raising the visibility and credibility of the Foundation and the work of its partners as thought leaders in participatory governance.