The people’s Commonwealth: more voices for a fairer world

Since 2012 the Commonwealth Foundation has focused on building a culture of people’s participation. We’ve been doing this by developing the capacity of civil society to play its part in making policy more relevant and making institutions more responsive. Here we provide a glimpse of the work we have supported and the impact that it has had.

The Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 builds on five years of achievement and further sharpens our work to amplify less heard civic voice. This theme is rooted in our practice and resonates with the global development agenda, which acknowledges open and accountable governance as the key to social progress. Our tagline is “More Voices for a Fairer Society” because we know that some are not heard and that achieving inclusive governance for development is a journey. Less heard voices can make a powerful case for change. Through our programmes and grants we walk with partners as they make their own contribution to sustainable development.

The insights included in this publication bring our ambitions to life. They show how bringing civic voice into contact with policy makers can improve policy for all. They show how cultural expression can improve our understanding of other people’s experience. They show how institutions that are accountable are better suited to meeting people’s expectations.

Welcome to the Commonwealth Foundation.

Download: The People's Commonwealth: More voices for a fairer world