Learning and communications strategy

The Commonwealth Foundation is a learning organisation with a focus on promoting learning about participatory governance for sustainable development outcomes. Learning is the cornerstone of the organisation’s programmatic work and grant-making with one of its priorities for the strategic period 2012-2016 dedicated to enhancing collaboration and learning between CSOs and institutions in governance.

In keeping with this commitment, the Foundation is strategically guided by knowledge management (KM), both as a key programming strategy and a distinct area of focus. This strategy presents the internal and external need for a disciplined approach to KM and maps the knowledge systems, tools, and processes that must be in place for the organisation to achieve its outcomes. It also recognises communications as a critical support and enabler of knowledge sharing and stresses the linkages between KM and communications laying out a harmonised approach. The strategy appraises the Foundation’s communications reality and outlines the way forward through a target audience-centric approach informing its internal and external communications including
the digital aspect.

The strategy is an organic one, and as such it will evolve through experience and through ongoing consultations. The principles and parameters of the learning and communications strategy have been concretely applied to the outreach strategy of the grants programme and is included in this document as an Annex.

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