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Commonwealth insights: inclusive governance series

These papers draw on discussions had at the Commonwealth People’s Forum 2018 and share the strategies employed by civil society across the Commonwealth to achieve specific policy goals.

Topics include legislative reform, re-imagining migration, and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The Commonwealth Foundation encourages the use, translation, adaptation and copying of this material for non-commercial use. We only ask that appropriate credit be given to the Commonwealth Foundation.

Commonwealth People’s Forum 2018

The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) is a biennial event held prior to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. CPF 2018 took place on 16-18 April in London and was jointly organised by the Government of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Foundation. CPF 2018 critically explored policy based actions under the theme of ‘Inclusive Governance: The Challenge for a Contemporary Commonwealth’. It provided an innovative opportunity for civil society organisations to share knowledge and learn from each other as well as to interact with governance institutions on key policy issues. The CPF 2018 series elaborates on the issues covered in the London Declaration on Inclusive Governance for a Renewed Commonwealth.

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