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Update on 12 Recommendations for Advancing Universal Health Coverage

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In 2023, the Commonwealth Foundation convened civil society leaders and activists working in the health space across the Commonwealth to develop a set of Recommendations for advancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) throughout the Commonwealth. These Recommendations were presented to the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM) in May 2023.

During the past year, the Foundation has continued to engage with Commonwealth civil society to secure information and insights into progress against the Recommendations. Have there been any genuine breakthroughs? Where are we seeing examples of good practice that might be replicable elsewhere? Are the Recommendations themselves suitably formulated to capture current and emerging health justice priorities? And how is the Commonwealth—its Member States and institutions—contributing to the realisation of health justice – including through the advancement of UHC?

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Health Justice in the Commonwealth: Update on 12 Recommendations for Advancing Universal Health Coverage