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A holistic approach to governance with civil society participation

H.E. Marie-Pierre Lloyd, Seychelles High Commissioner, maintains that it is “crucial” for civil society to work together with governments to have a say in policy decisions. 

Speaking after her keynote speech at the 19CCEM, H.C. Lloyd drew on her background in both government and civil society to highlight that both must work together if societies are to improve the livelihoods and quality of life of the people they represent. 

With her experience in both sectors, the High Commissioner noted that by their nature government institutions tend to work in silos, with their own departments and budgets, which can lead to siloed thinking. If civil society can work together with governments in these frameworks, then better solutions can result. 

“There’s a lot for civil society to learn about how to work in this sort of framework, because it’s not ‘I want, I want’ all the time. It’s, ‘This is the problem. What is your strength, so what can you bring in?’ And then together we can address the solution in a more meaningful and effective manner.”