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2022 Commonwealth People’s Forum: Summary of Key Recommendations

The Commonwealth People’s Forum 2022 brought together over 250 delegates including civil society leaders, policy and decision makers, thematic experts, lawyers, journalists, academics, and activists from across the Commonwealth. Our planet and people are facing challenges on an unimaginable scale and the Forum set out to create an inclusive space for the free exchange of ideas, where Commonwealth citizens—in all their diversity—were free to discuss and debate some of the big issues of our time.

The Forum comprised six main sessions and 10 delegate-led sessions over two days. Sessions examined how civil society, our governments and those who exercise power can be held to account on critical issues including health, climate justice, financing, freedom of expression and people-centred governance. Participants discussed how we can better collaborate and refashion our institutions and the role the Commonwealth could—and should—play in creating a better, more equitable world for all.

An outcome video presenting the key discussion points and messages of the People’s Forum was presented at the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and the Foreign Ministers’ Roundtable on 23 June and 25 June respectively.

The Commonwealth Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Rwanda for its excellent arrangements in hosting the Commonwealth People’s Forum 2022.

A summary of key recommendations from the People’s Forum is available to download.

2022 Commonwealth People's Forum Key Outcomes Summary