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“I have tried to set before the reader the Labrador that I have seen and known. In a way, I should not be surprised when someone responds to that world as if it were primordial and startling: when I experienced Labrador myself the first time I visited it, something happened that I can only describe as an intense electrical presence in the land which charged and transformed me. This energy has affected me every time I have been in Labrador, and I don’t completely understand it, or even begin to understand it, really […] I think a reader connects to primordial energy right away, without having to worry about psychological acclimatization. We are ready, at all times, as readers, to dream the human dream. I enjoy the paradox that no matter how modern and urban we become, we yearn for connection and simple glory.”

–Kathleen Winter, from ‘Another Labrador’, (Books@Torontoist)