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Cocos (Keeling) Islands

“It focuses the power that is on these islands, he said, surprisingly. Don’t be deceived by their being small, there is a lot of magic here. Every speck on these islands contains a power, and every speck speaks to every other speck. It is the same everywhere, he added with a slightly flippant tone. But most people don’t know how to see and feel it. Cocos Malays do. The Westerners here don’t. They don’t hear anything but the wind through the palms and the crashing of the ocean on the reefs. They hear the birds but have no idea  what they say; they watch and catch the fish but understand nothing of  their movements. On the mainland, the Aborigines know things about the  land white people can’t know, and it’s the same here.  It’s because they spend the time to look, because they listen to  what others have seen.”

— John Kinsella, ‘Post-Colonial’, (Yen Media)