We support people’s participation in democracy and development through three main programme areas: Participatory Governance and Gender, Commonwealth Writers, and Grants. Take a look at our projects and filter by governance areas, issues, project type, or location.

Project Types

Participatory Governance and Gender

The Foundation has a long-term capacity development perspective and seeks to work with civic voices to enhance their capacity to advocate and engage constructively with governments and policy makers in governance. It also seeks to work with partners to mainstream gender and its intersectionality in its projects.

The Foundation recognises that capacity development for constructive engagement is a complex process, involving competencies and collective capabilities to influence governance and policy processes as well as advance gender narratives. The programme takes into consideration the wider cultural, social and political contexts that affect governance and accountability outcomes differently.

The programme teams accompany project partners to jointly plan, reflect, learn and adapt project approaches to improve governance and gender equity outcomes. Gender and power analysis are key principles of the capacity development approach, which seeks to strengthen inclusion and gender analysis in partner projects.

Using its intergovernmental status, the Foundation will also broker and facilitate opportunities, where needed and appropriate, that will enable civic voice collectives to engage with government in policy processes and to promote participation and accountability.

To find out more about the Foundation’s capacity development for constructive engagement approach, see its: Capacity Development Framework and Civil Society Engagement Strategy.

To see how the Foundation helps project partners learn and adapt project approaches see the Foundation’s Learning and Communications Strategy.

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