Supporting rural entrepreneurs for social change

  • Amount funded: £89,991
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Locations: Pakistan

Millions of people living in rural poverty in Pakistan have limited job opportunities outside of agriculture.

Project partners
HOPE International Development Agency
Pakistan Kissan Trust
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How are we helping

Supporting a partnership project to build the capacity of rural entrepreneurs and civil society as well as advocate for a more supportive policy environment in which rural entrepreneurs can thrive.

About the project

HOPE International Development Agency and Pakistan Kissan Trust are improving the livelihoods and basic rights of poor communities in Pakistan by creating supportive environments for rural entrepreneurship and social change.

By giving a voice to people and equipping them with the relevant knowledge and skills, the project supports them to shape dialogue and policies relating to agriculture, education, food security and gender rights.

By increasing collective social action through the formation of community groups and training sessions, the project improves the capacity to secure basic service provision for 6,000 people. Civil society groups will be encouraged to engage with networks and government, as well as share best practice on policy and advocacy. In addition, the project will provide technical and financial assistance for 1,200 people and their families, promoting small and innovative businesses.

This project builds on earlier work carried out in Southern Punjab by Pakistan Kissan Trust to improve food security for rural populations, establishing farmers groups and strengthening democratic governance.


Project Partners
HOPE International Development Agency

Established in 1975, HOPE International Development Agency's mission is to enable people in the developed world to connect with the world’s poorest communities. HOPE currently works in 28 countries providing alternative technological and educational support where environmental, economic and social circumstances have negatively impacted on the ability of local communities to sustain themselves using traditional methods.

Pakistan Kissan Trust

Pakistan Kissan Trust is a membership organisation serving the interests and rights of poor smallholder farmers. The Trust aims to skill up farmers to become a political and social force for democratic change. Its local programming focuses on governance, skills development and advocacy, connecting farmers with other civil society groups and social movements to address challenges and build collective action.

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