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Supporting communities to advocate for improved air and water quality

  • Amount funded: £59,390
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Locations: Jamaica
  • Grant stream: Open grants call

Many Jamaican communities are adversely affected by poor air and water quality from a variety of sources including open burning, mining, quarrying and other industrial activities.

Project partners
Jamaica Environment Trust
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How we are helping

Supporting a project that is forming community led advocacy networks to demand improved regulation and monitoring.

About the project

However, community awareness of the negative impacts on health and the environment is typically very low. In addition, data on air and water pollution levels is not made widely available, and Jamaican communities often find it difficult to access this information from state regulatory agencies.

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is working with a selection of groups from communities experiencing air and water quality issues to form community-led advocacy networks. These networks are engaging with the government’s regulatory agency and other industry stakeholders to advocate for proactive disclosure of air and water quality data and an improved regulatory framework. The project is also conducting and sharing research on existing legal and policy frameworks in Jamaica and across the globe, to increase awareness and strengthen advocacy.

Ultimately, community awareness of the impact of air and water quality on health and the environment is expected to improve, and the communities involved in the project will be better equipped to engage with the issues identified.

Project Partners
Jamaica Environment Trust

Jamaica Environment Trust is a non-government non-profit membership organisation based in Jamaica. Jamaica Environment Trust’s mission is to protect Jamaica’s natural resources using education, conservation, advocacy and the law, and to influence individual and organisational behaviour and public policy and practice.