Strengthening women’s participation in governance

  • Amount funded: £88,260
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Locations: Pakistan

Many women in Pakistan were put off taking part in the 2013 general election by lack of transport, pressure from political parties and control of polling stations by armed men.

Project partners
Peace Direct
Aware Girls
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Supporting a project to promote women's participation in governance.

About the project

Supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation, Peace Direct and Aware Girls will help promote the participation of women in electoral processes in in the districts of Swabi and Marden by training, educating and encouraging women to voice their opinion. Peace Direct and Aware Girls will help promote the participation of women in electoral processes in the districts of Swabi and Marden, building on lessons learned.

By training 60 young women and providing education to at least 900 women, this project encourages women in the conflict-affected areas of Kyber Pakhtunkwa province to voice their opinion and improve their leadership skills to ensure greater political participation. Citizens’ committees will address women’s rights issues and develop advocacy tools to lobby government. The project will also improve dialogue with local politicians and government, ensuring issues are addressed and accountability increased.

It is anticipated this project will lead to improved public attitudes supporting women’s participation in electoral and political processes, as well as increased accountability among community leaders, political parties and public bodies.

Peace Direct and Aware Girls will develop a best practice model to encourage greater participation by women in political processes. Citizens’ committees will be replicated in Peshawar district with the assistance of local civil society organisations to raise awareness about the importance of community accountability for good governance.

Project Partners
Peace Direct

Peace Direct is an international charity dedicated to supporting local peacebuilding believing that people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict. It seeks out local peacebuilders making a difference, raises funds for programmes, offers management support and advice, and builds recognition for their work to put them in touch with those in the wider world who can assist with funds and influence.

Aware Girls

Aware Girls is led by young women working for women’s empowerment, gender equality and peace in Pakistan. It works to strengthen the leadership capacity of young women enabling them to act as agents of social change and women’s empowerment in their communities.

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