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Strengthening women’s economic and political participation

  • Amount funded: £12,000
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Locations: Maldives
  • Grant stream: Capacity strengthening grants

Women and Democracy (W&D) are seeking to increase its organisational capacity as its work expands internationally.

Project partners
Women and Democracy
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How we are helping

We are supporting W&D to increase their organisational effectiveness in important areas, including strategy, governance, operational processes, staff training and communications.

About the project

The Foundation’s capacity strengthening grants stream supports smaller Commonwealth civil society organisations in smaller Member States, building their expertise and enhancing their capacity to influence policy.

After great success advancing women’s economic and political participation in the Maldives, W&D are now delivering their work in other South Asian countries. We are supporting them to strengthen capacity in vital areas across the organisation as they make this transition.

The key actions for this project are:

  • Developing a new four-year strategic plan
  • Improving organisational policies at board-level
  • Improving operational processes
  • Training the W&D staff and volunteers
  • Updating the W&D website

The funding will nurture W&D as the organisation expands to meet new demand, building a stronger and more sustainable organisation. It will ensure governance structures are robust and that staff and volunteers can perform their roles effectively.

Project Partners
Women and Democracy

Women and Democracy (W&D) are a youth-led Maldivian NGO specialising in women's economic and political participation and good democratic governance in the Maldives. W&D achieve this through three main workstreams: advocacy and awareness, project delivery and research.

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