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Strengthening climate advocacy in Kiribati

  • Amount funded: £7,859
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: Six months
  • Locations: Kiribati
  • Grant stream: Capacity strengthening grants

Kiribati Climate Action Network’s (KiriCAN) new strategic plan must not only consider how it impacts their work, but also the network of climate organisations in Kiribati.

Project partners
Kiribati Climate Action Network
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How we are helping

We are providing opportunities for KiriCAN to develop a new strategic plan by consulting with climate organisations in Kiribati.

About the project

The Foundation’s capacity strengthening grants stream supports smaller Commonwealth civil society organisations in smaller Member States, building their expertise and enhancing their capacity to influence policy.

We are supporting KiriCAN to update its strategic plan. KiriCAN is the secretariat body for 17 climate organisations in Kiribati so its forthcoming strategic plan must serve the needs of these member organisations. KiriCAN will consult with members to ensure their needs are reflected in the strategic plan. KiriCAN will also use this opportunity to strengthen relationships with member organisations.

The key actions for this project are:

  • Delivering workshops on organisational capacity for all 17 member organisations
  • Visiting all member organisations to review their projects and assess their needs
  • Producing the new strategic plan

KiriCAN’s new strategic plan will increase its capacity and efficiency. Its work will be better aligned with member organisations and there will be greater synergy between them. It is hoped this project will enable KiriCAN to advocate in national and international spaces more effectively.

Project Partners
Kiribati Climate Action Network

Kiribati Climate Action Network (KiriCAN) support and empower civil society organisations to address climate change and its effects on communities in Kiribati. It is currently the secretariat of 17 climate organisations. KiriCAN’s current work includes supporting civil society to influence the development and implementation of a national strategy on mitigation and adaptation. KiriCAN strives to build their network of civil society organisations in Kiribati and to liaise with the government and international organisations on climate change issues.

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