Improving youth participation in public policymaking

  • Amount funded: £89,846
  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Locations: Ghana

The 2010 National Youth Policy of Ghana acknowledges the need for policies that empower young people to effectively participate in the national development agenda. This is an opportunity for young people to play a greater role in the policy's review and implementation.

Project partners
Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES Ghana)
Voices of Youth
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Supporting a project to expand the membership and build the capacity of youth organisations to engage with politicians at local and national levels.

About the project

Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES Ghana) are improving youth participation in public policy making by training young people to advocate for an improved National Youth Policy. This project will take advantage of the upcoming review to strengthen leadership structures in youth organisations, increase youth participation in the political space, and galvanise broad-based youth research for input into policy formulation. This will be achieved by expanding the membership and building the capacity of youth organisations to engage with politicians at local and national levels.It is expected that the project will lead to the improved articulation of youth issues, perspectives and policy recommendations by the Ghanaian youth, and empower young women and men by giving them the platform to speak, be heard and engage.

‘Over the next three years, we hope to benefit extensively from the experience and technical capacity of the Commonwealth Foundation and work closely with other partners to improve the profile of young people as capable actors able to contribute positively to the development of our nation’, Emmanuel Edudzie, Executive Director of Youth Empowerment Synergy.



Project Partners
Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES Ghana)

YES Ghana is a national youth organisation established in 2001. It works to promote a sustainable and productive future for all young people in the country. It delivers programmes in the three key areas of youth participation and active citizenship, youth employment and livelihoods generation and youth policy and governance. YES-Ghana implements these programmes by facilitating access to youth-inclusive financial services, building coalitions of youth organisations and advocating for pro-youth empowerment policies. YES-Ghana actively engages with the National Youth Authority, the main government agency responsible for youth development.

Voices of Youth

The Voices of Youth coalition is a national platform for youth to input into the national development agenda. It comprises over 300 youth groups reaching over 500,000 young people across Ghana. Yes Ghana acts as convener and provides secretariat support to the coalition.

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