Giving a voice to young people with HIV and AIDS

  • Amount funded: £57,500
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Locations: South Africa
  • Grant stream: Annual Grants Call

Stigma has been identified as the most significant challenge for people living with HIV and AIDS, stopping many from accessing health services early

Project partners
Children’s Radio Foundation South Africa
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How we are helping

Supporting a project that is training mentors and young people in Cape Town to use radio as a tool to get young people talking about HIV/AIDS in their community

About the project

Children’s Radio Foundation are training mentors and young people in Cape Town to use radio as a tool to get young people talking about HIV/AIDS in their community. A project entitled ‘Future Positive’ will train 12 facilitators to lead radio training workshops for 70 young people, increasing airtime allocated to discussions about HIV/AIDS by 200% and creating over 200 hours of relevant content directed at young people.

Through radio training and broadcast, stories will be shared, fostering dialogue within the wider community. Young people at clinics and community centres will be trained to host talk shows and facilitate events within the community, involving decision makers, policy stakeholders and other young people.

This initiative will create more airtime for programming on HIV and AIDS and train radio staff and youth mentors to engage with audiences more effectively.

It will also create platforms for young people living with HIV/AIDS to speak openly about their experiences. The project will facilitate feedback by involving decision makers and policy stakeholders. A curriculum for community radio stations and pop-up stations to engage audiences around HIV and AIDS will be developed and shared widely with other civil society organisations in Africa. The content will be distributed to local and national stakeholders via outreach activities, contributing to the learning component of the project. It will be delivered as part of a joint work plan with the government of Cape Town.


Project Partners
Children’s Radio Foundation South Africa

Children’s Radio Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation in South Africa, the UK and the USA, providing young people with the skills to make their voices heard. It uses radio to create opportunities for dialogue, participation, leadership and active citizenship. Through radio broadcasts, young people can speak about their concerns and reach out to others, sparking important conversations in their communities.

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