Fostering cooperation for sustainable development

  • Amount funded: £73,290
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Locations: India
  • Grant stream: Annual Grants Call

The role of civil society, in particular women and young people, in influencing local governance processes in India is recognised as vital.

Project partners
Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA)
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How we are helping

Supporting a project to improve the skills and capacity of civil society organisations to engage with local government, nurturing collaborative relationships and better understanding.

About the project

Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) are working with civil society, women and young people in the environmental field, to help them influence local governance processes in India.

Advocacy models will demonstrate environmental sustainability concerns, fostering cooperation, sharing knowledge and promoting the involvement of young people and women in local governance.

The project will work with diverse stakeholders nurturing a collective sense of responsibility. It has a strong environmental aspect and targets women as well as addressing cross-cutting themes.


Project Partners
Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA)

TARA is a registered social enterprise in New Delhi, India. It enables the creation of livelihood support systems through training and capacity building for the rural poor and marginalised communities. It is part of the Development Alternatives Group, an organisation providing development solutions in India and elsewhere.

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