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Enhancing accountability for cash transfer programmes

  • Amount funded: £85,000
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Locations: Kenya
  • Grant stream: Annual Grants Call

Kenya's social protection programme provides direct cash transfers to vulnerable people. However, recent social audit findings suggest there are gaps in design and delivery.

Project partners
Africa Platform for Social Protection
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How we are helping

Supporting APSP's project that involves beneficiaries in the assessment, design and delivery of the national cash transfer programmes to enable more effective implementation and outcomes.

About the project

The progressive social protection programme of the Kenyan Government aims to address poverty, health risks and vulnerability through direct cash transfer in order to help sustain livelihoods and build human capital. The programme directly targets orphans and vulnerable children, older persons and persons with severe disabilities.  Recent social audit findings suggest there are gaps in certain regions in the cash transfer programmes’ design and delivery.

The Africa Platform for Social Protection is ensuring that beneficiaries of Kenya’s social protection policy are involved in the design and delivery of the national cash transfer programmes. Working in Kenya’s Busia, Kilifi and Kajiado counties, the project is firstly increasing community awareness of this social protection policy and its benefits. It is also supporting government officers and other stakeholders to use social auditing effectively, in order to assess the implementation and design of the cash transfer programme in their region. By facilitating discussions between local communities and the regulatory bodies involved in implementing the programme, the project is increasing participation of beneficiaries in the development and deployment of the programme.

The project is contributing to an improved understanding among communities with regard to their roles, responsibilities and entitlements in cash transfer programmes, while also enabling effective implementation of the programme.

Endorsed project title: Enhancing accountability in the management of cash transfer programmes in Kenya. Photo: Flickr CC Michał Huniewicz.

Project Partners
Africa Platform for Social Protection

Africa Platform for Social Protection was established in 2010 to develop and implement innovative Social Protection strategies and programmes that make a difference in people’s lives in Africa. Africa Platform for Social Protection is a member of Kenya’s National Social Protection Steering Committee that brings together Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health, Social Development, Finance and Devolution and the Civil Society. The committee reviews progress on the implementation of social protection programmes and makes recommendation to government. Africa Platform for Social Protection has experience of participating in social accountability projects in Ghana, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.