Empowering people with disabilities in Kiribati

  • Amount funded: £8,738
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Locations: Kiribati
  • Grant stream: Capacity development grants

Te Toa Matoa’s ambitious plans to advocate for people with disabilities in Kiribati require increased capacity for staff training, organisational development and strategic planning.

Project partners
Te Toa Matoa
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How we are helping

We are supporting Te Toa Matoa to develop a new strategic plan and provide operational and leadership training for staff.

About the project

The Foundation’s capacity strengthening grants stream supports smaller Commonwealth civil society organisations in smaller Member States, building their expertise and enhancing their capacity to influence policy.

Te Toa Matoa has made substantial progress advocating for people with disabilities in Kiribati – but further opportunities for growth remain. The organisation requires a new strategic plan. Te Toa Mato has also identified opportunities for additional staff training. We are working with Te Toa Mato to improve their effectiveness in several key areas, including governance, strategy and training for staff.

The key actions for this project are:

  • Developing a long-term strategic plan
  • Providing leadership training to enable staff to take greater control over organisational progress
  • Strengthening staff capacity with training on core processes:
    • financial management
    • project management
    • advocacy

It is hoped the capacity strengthening further aligns the vision and operational goals of the organisation. Project delivery will improve, and staff will actively shape the future of their organisation.

Project Partners
Te Toa Matoa

Te Toa Matoa is the national body run by, and representing, people with disabilities in Kiribati. It also operates as the peak national organisation for a small but increasing number of disabled people’s organisations. Te Toa Matoa represents I-Kiribati with disabilities, raises community awareness about disability rights and empowers people with disabilities to voice their rights.

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