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Developing musical compositions to support climate change advocacy

  • Amount funded: £8,200
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Locations: Vanuatu
  • Grant stream: Creative grants

A lack of understanding and education on key issues affecting communities in Vanuatu, such as the environment and loss of biodiversity, is compounded by an overstretched education system and most children leaving full-time education at the end of primary school.

Project partners
Wan Smolbag Theatre
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How we are helping

By supporting a creative project that will better inform communities on issues affecting their local environment and increase their understanding of the impact climate change will have in the future, in an accessible and engaging manner.

About the project

The project will utilise a popular local music form, the string band, to produce a series of songs on climate change and the loss of biodiversity in Vanuatu. The songs will be created through a series of workshops with local bands, showcased in live performances and disseminated in digital recordings across the country to increase community awareness and understanding of climate change.

Project Partners
Wan Smolbag Theatre

Wan Smolbag Theatre is an organisation that aims to establish an environment for change through dialogue and engagement on key social issues, achieved by utilising creativity to generate positive changes in knowledge and attitudes.

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