Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers: Civil Society Forum

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The Commonwealth Education Ministers meeting takes place every three years. Constructive engagement between governance institutions and CSOs is crucial for the formulation of education solutions and innovation.

How we are helping

In partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Foundation convenes a Civil Society Forum (CSF) to influence and advance education outcomes in Commonwealth countries.

About the project

The Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) is held every three years. The CSF enables the presence and participation of Commonwealth civil society to put forward a position on issues discussed at the Ministerial meetings. The Commonwealth Foundation has enabled the participation of civic voices from the margins which includes local leaders, subject experts or representatives of communities impacted by the policy under discussion.  The Forum also provides civic actors the opportunity to share good practises and build partnerships on issues impacting diverse constituencies.

Here is the statement of 12 key requests submitted by civil society to Education Ministers at the 19th CCEM held on 20-21 June, 2017 in Bahamas