Building health advocacy networks in St Kitts and Nevis

  • Amount funded: £11,667
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Locations: St Kitts and Nevis
  • Grant stream: Capacity development grants

Lake and Health Wellbeing require engagement from civil society organisations (CSOs) in St Kitts and Nevis to amplify their advocacy on non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention.

Project partners
Lake Health and Wellbeing
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How we are helping

We are working with Lake and Health Wellbeing to strengthen their civil society partners so they can better participate in NCD policy advocacy.

About the project

The Foundation’s capacity strengthening grants stream supports smaller Commonwealth civil society organisations in smaller Member States, building their expertise and enhancing their capacity to influence policy.

Lake Health and Wellbeing’s vital health and NCD advocacy would benefit from greater capacity among CSOs in St Kitts and Nevis to ensure campaigns reach wider audiences. Local CSOs require additional capacity to develop and communicate advocacy material. We are supporting Lake Health and Wellbeing to collaborate with and strengthen partner organisations.

The key actions for this project are:

  • Delivering capacity building training on NCD advocacy for CSOs
  • Running events and producing toolkits on NCDs to strengthen the collective advocacy position among CSOs
  • Developing a joint long-term NCD advocacy campaign with CSOs

This work will ensure that organisations in St Kitts and Nevis are working collaboratively to advocate for NCD policies. It hopes to contribute to effective evidence-based NCD advocacy campaigns that reduce the medical, social and economic effects of NCDs.

Project Partners
Lake Health and Wellbeing

Lake Health and Wellbeing is a public health organisation based in St Kitts and Nevis. It aims to improve the wellbeing of its communities through research, support, events, campaigns, public health interventions and health service delivery.

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