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Deadline: Midnight May 15th 2021

Prize: £1,500
Runner-up Prizes: To be decided by merit

Contest Theme: ‘TIME’

Time regulates our lives and our bodies. As writers, we’re always trying to find the time to create something worthwhile. Something that might stand the test of time. We want to challenge you to do just that in these coming months. From the moment this contest goes live until the last second of the deadline you’ll need to pen one word per hour per story to make up the word count. We know some of you can write quicker than that but will your work rise above the rest? Use your time wisely and incorporate the theme into the work as best you can. It doesn’t need to be the title or even to be mentioned. We just need to see that you as a writer are aware of how time passes and that for human beings, there is always a time limit. Ours will occur at midnight on May 15th 2021! 

Rules for Submissions 

• Contestants may submit up to three short stories in the English language on the given theme: ‘TIME.’

• All genres and styles will be considered but contestants MUST adhere strictly to the word count of 1500 (+ or – 10%).
• Work will be judged anonymously so the entrants name or details should NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript.
• The contest opens for submissions on March 1st 2021 and closes at midnight on May 15th 2021. Late entries will not be accepted.
• All entries must be submitted digitally as Word or PDF files, attached to an email and sent to:
• Entrants should write: ‘Flash 1500’ as the email header and provide their FULL name, postal address, telephone number and brief bio (2-3 sentences) in the body of the email.
• The Reading Fee of £15 (£7 without critique) can be submitted via PayPal only. Click ‘Send’ on the PayPal website and enter our email address: . You will then be able to convert your local currency to pound sterling and send.
• Shortlisted contestants will be notified by June 15th 2021 and the winner will be announced on July 1st 2021. Participants who are eligible will receive critique by August 1st at the latest.
— — — Terms and Conditions  — — — —
• By submitting you agree to all the rules, terms and conditions.
• The Reading Fee of £15 (£7 without critique) must be paid for each story submitted.
• Excessively graphic or offensive content can result in a piece being disqualified. Entry fees will not be refunded for disqualified pieces. In the unlikely event of contest cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, all entry fees will be refunded in full.
• The winning piece may be subject to minor editing before publication. We require first electronic publication rights from the winner. We may also use some excerpts from runners-up. Entrants retain all rights to non-winning pieces.
• Rules are subject to change if necessary except one – you must be 18+ to enter.
• Judges are considered capable of impartiality and contestants may not appeal their decision under any circumstances.

For more information, about the Prize, as well as full T&Cs*, please see: Home | WORD PERISCOPE

Enquiries about submissions should be directed to Writers’ HQ, please always refer to their website for complete details and information.

Please note, this prize is run by Writers’ HQ, not Commonwealth Writers.