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Sangam House Writing Residency

The application process for Sangam House Season 17 is now open.

Our next residency will run from November 1, 2024 — January 31, 2025. We will be located in Bangalore at The Jamun.

Residencies will be granted in one-month cohorts. (November 1-30, December 1-31 and January 1-31.) In some cases, shorter residencies are possible.

Please upload the following three documents, each as a separate file:

1. A brief (2 pages, maximum) statement about your work history, referencing publications, performances and writing credits. This can be submitted in CV format.

2. A one page description of the work to be undertaken while at Sangam House.

3. A writing sample, no more than 50 pages. (Please be sure to indicate if the writing is published or unpublished; if it is published please provide details.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Writing sample does NOT have to be an English translation; please submit your writing sample in your mother tongue. All other documentation must be submitted in English.

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Enquiries about submissions should be directed to Sangam House. Please always refer to their website for complete details and information.

Please note, this competition is run by Sangam House, not the Commonwealth Foundation.