Submissions Call: RIC Journal. (Hindi and English)

The RIC Journal will consider any kind of experimental work including (but not limited to) essays, fiction, poetry, visual arts, impressions, sounds, etc. There is no word limit. Submissions can be both in Hindi and English.

Apocryphal – you may take any ancient incomplete inscription and complete it as and how you like it. Please note that any publication under the Apocryphal category will be anonymous.

Oniritheca – submit your strange, haunting, unforgettable dreams for a collective dream journal.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, RIC Journal are unable to remunerate writers and artists for their work.

For more details of eligibility and how to submit, follow this link.

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Read a new non-fiction piece by New Delhi-based Journalist, Sowmiya Ashok, who meets Tamil techies in Silicon Valley “in hi-tech ghettoes formed along ethnic networks”.


Ashok discovers California is much like Chennai.