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Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship

We are delighted to share that the Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship is now open for submissions until 18 September 2023.

The MMF annually awards a small number of Morland Writing Scholarships, with the aim being to allow each Scholar the time to produce the first draft of a completed book. The Scholarships are open to anyone writing in the English language who was born in Africa, or both of whose parents were born in Africa.


  • Scholars writing fiction will receive a grant of £18,000, paid monthly over the course of twelve months.
  • At the discretion of the Foundation, Scholars writing non-fiction, who require additional research time, could receive an additional grant, paid over a period of up to eighteen months.

For full details, please refer here.

Enquiries about submissions should be directed to the Miles Morland Foundation, please always refer to their website for complete details and information.

Please note, this prize is run by the Miles Morland Foundation, not the Commonwealth Foundation.