Ghana Writes: Bodies & Scars. Call for submissions. Deadline 30 October



Person 1: I’m too shy of my skin, broken tooth and my cataract, I’m not proud of myself.


Person 2: I have big scars on my body, I can’t wear swimsuits. So I avoid going to the pool.


Person 3: I am not loved. I’m disabled. So I masturbate when I need sex.


Person 4: I’m gay and I’m scared to be judged. So I hide behind the skin of a heterosexual boy.


Person 5: I know very well that I am not beautiful. I have terrible acne all over my face. I hate my body.


Person 6: I’m obese. I don’t feel great.


Person 7: My students sometimes think I am their age mates. Often, people mistake me for a child because of my body. I’m too smallish.

I’m slim and short.


Ghana Writes Literary Group is collecting 70 poems to inspire the above persons to wear their skins proudly. Poems that will boost their confidence in their own personalities. We are looking for poems that reflect and promote beauty beyond borders. We want to shift the paradigm about beauty and redefine it.


Deadline: GMT 00:00, 30th October 2018.


Guidelines for submission.


* Please send only poems that help any of the seven persons above.


* You may submit a maximum of three poems in single file. Please, multiple entries will mean automatic disqualification.


* Send poems as doc or docx attachment to The subject line of the email should be ‘Bodies & Scars Anthology’


*Including title, each poem shouldn’t exceed thirty (30) lines. Font:

Times New Roman. Font size: 12.


Ghana Writes Literary Group does not accept previously published work unless specifically solicited. Please send us original pieces only.

The editors ask for first rights to any poem selected. At the time of publication, all rights return to the poet; however, should you decide to republish the poems elsewhere, we ask that you cite Ghana Writes Literary Group as a place of previous publication.


GhW literary group will respond to your email submission within a week. Please, follow up on your submission if after two weeks you have not received a response. All questions pertaining to submissions should be addressed to the managing director at


Please note that only poets of selected poems will receive the happy congratulatory message via email on 7th December 2018.


Our invited editors on this project are:


  1. Robert Carr is the author of ‘Amaranth’ a chapbook published in 2016 by Indolent Books and a 2017 Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. His first full-length collection of poetry, The Unbuttoned Eye, will be released in 2019 by 3: A Taos Press. His poetry appears in the Bellevue Literary Review, Crab Orchard, The Massachusetts Review, Rattle, Tar River Poetry, and other publications. He serves as Associate Poetry Editor for Indolent Books and is also Deputy Director for the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences in Massachusetts. Poetry, book reviews, and upcoming events can be found at


  1. Prof. Vijay Vaghela is an educator and poetry curator. He lectured in St Xavier’s Technical University in India. He established the biggest poetry sharing platform in India called


  1. Prof. Francis Elsband Kofigah is the head of the English Department of Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology. He is well known in Ghana for writing Poetry for Senior Secondary Schools (Core).


  1. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson is a multiple award-winning Nigerian Writer, Poet and the CEO of WRR publishing house. He is a household name in the giant Nigerian literary industry. He is the Author of ‘What Can Words Do (Poetry; 2013) by ORIGAMI (PARRHESIA Publishers); ‘I Said These Words’ (Poetry Collection;2015); ‘we who sowed HURT and beaded PAIN’ (Poetry Collection,2017); ‘Words of Eros’ (Poetry Collection, 2017); and the award-winning novel Devil’s Pawn(2018).


NB: This project is by the Sexuality Workshop team of GrIStuF, Greifswald University, Germany and Ghana Writes Literary Group in Ghana.