20:35 Africa: Submissions to Anthology series' fifth volume now open

20.35 Africa is committed to freshly contributing to contemporary African poetry. We welcome quarterly submissions to our Anthology series and nominations to our New Poets series are considered on a rolling basis.
Submissions to the Anthology series’ fifth volume is currently OPEN.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The anthology is open to African poets who are between the ages of 20 (or who would be 20 by the time of publication) and 35.
  2. Contributors published in the fourth volume are NOT eligible for this volume, but may submit for subsequent volumes.
  3. Submissions can cut across different themes and each contributor may send three poems ONLY. Please send us your best poems, properly edited.
  4. The anthology is ONLY for African poets. We define an African poet as someone born in Africa, or whose parents (at least one) are African, or someone who currently lives in Africa and has done so for at least 10 years.
  5. Poets who have had a full-length book or a chapbook or pamphlet published in electronic or print format can submit. Poets who have not been published in any form or on any literary forum/outlet, and fall into the acceptable age bracket, are encouraged to submit as well.
  6. Only poems written in English will be accepted. Works translated into English from any African language may be submitted, but they must be accompanied by their original.
  7. There is no stipulation as to the content of submitted poems but no poem should exceed 40 lines in length.
  8. Identifying information, including names of poets, addresses, phone numbers, publication histories, should NOT be included in the manuscript or in the body of the email. Submit through your personal email address and include the same email address on the last page of your manuscript. Submissions will be judged solely on merit.
  9. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if any of your poems is accepted elsewhere.
  10. All entries must be submitted in a SINGLE WORD DOCUMENT, typed in TIMES NEW ROMAN, font 12, single spaced, and sent via email only to the 20.35 Africa Team at submissions@2035africa.org.
  11. The email subject should read “20.35 AFRICA SUBMISSION.”
  12. Submissions must be written in black ink. No colours.
  13. Each poem must have a title.
  14. Poems must be the original work of the contributor.
  15. Deadline for submissions is midnight (UTC+01:00) of 24th April 2022.
  16. We hope to respond to every submission by July 2022. However, there maybe delay in response time pending the editors’ final decision.
  17. We will not entertain any inquiries concerning submission status until after July 2022.
  18. Accepted contributors must be available at all times, for necessary editing of their works and correspondence that may follow.
  19. All inquiries must be sent to info@2035africa.org. Inquiries sent to the submissions email address will not be read.
  20. Except on proven cases of plagiarism or when a piece we have published violates any form of human rights, we do not take down works once they have been published in our anthology or on our website.
  21. By submitting your work to us, you agree to give us first serial rights of said work, which shall revert to you upon publication. If your work is republished elsewhere, kindly acknowledge that it first appeared on 20.35 Africa.

Enquiries about submissions should be directed to the 20:35 Africa, please always refer to their website for complete details and information.
Please note, this opportunity is run by 20:35 Africa, not Commonwealth Writers.