Love is a Political Decision

Posted on 08/04/2013
By Commonwealth Foundation

By its nature love is completely subjective but also unequivocal, brooking no argument of its object: Love for Country, for God, for Africa, for The World, for Diversity, for Tradition, for Innovation, for East or West, for This Person or That Person, and so on. Declaring what is loved at once creates a community of unknown list makers who decide what more could be loved based on what is already listed as loved.
In this world obsessed with labels, it is inconceivable that a passionate single-minded regard for a collection of seemingly divergent ideas, people, and places can reside in one breast.
Enter the writer.
In whatever Nation you call home.
Within whom many worlds reside: what is, what could be, and what must not be, all in constant flux.
Angella Emurwon