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Location: Malta

Empowering women living in institutional settings


Women face a number of challenges ranging from security issues and financial hardship, to social exclusion.


Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Malta are helping to improve the lives of women living in institutional settings in Malta. This project aims to build the capacity of women to articulate the needs and challenges they face. It will support women living in shelters who have experienced domestic violence, and female asylum seekers who live in open centres.   It will establish Women Advocacy and Mobilisation Groups (WAMGs) and train the women in human rights, communication and advocacy so they can engage with policymakers for enhanced service delivery and improved access to services.

It is expected that this project will lead to an improvement in the policies, structures and services that directly impact the lives of women in institutional settings.

Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS)

The Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) Malta, established in 1993, is part of an international network in 50 countries dedicated to providing assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and other displaced persons. JRS Malta specialises in the field of legal assistance and social work services (including healthcare and psychological support), awareness-raising in schools and spiritual care. JRS Malta has been providing services (including legal, access to medical care and psychological services) to women living in Open Centres for 15 years.

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Partner organisation

Women’s Rights Foundation (WRF) Malta aims to ensure that women’s rights are protected through policy and legal reform, raise awareness and offer training to end violence against women. It provides free legal advice and initial legal representation to women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and those discriminated against due to their gender. Over the years, WRF has worked with women living in shelters as a result of domestic violence.