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Location: Maldives

Strengthening the role of civil society organisations


Over 1,800 civil society organisations (CSOs) are registered in the Maldives, all of which operate under the Associations Act. This act came into force in 2003, and needs to be updated in line with the 2008 Constitution.


Transparency Maldives areĀ strengthening the role of civil society organisations in governance and policymaking in the Maldives by advocating for the adoption of a revised Associations Act. This project aims to develop a network of CSOs to gather support for, and engage in, advocacy for the revised Associations Act to be tabled for approval in parliament. It will achieve this by building the capacity of CSOs to create networks and coalitions to strengthen their engagement with local government institutions.

It is expected that the project will ultimately contribute to an improved operating environment for CSOs in the Maldives.

Transparency Maldives

Transparency Maldives works to improve governance. It aims to be a constructive force in the Maldives by encouraging discussion on transparency, accountability, and the fight against corruption. It has experience of working in the areas of civic participation, election monitoring and engaging in advocacy with government. Transparency Maldives is a member of the global network of Transparency International with over 90 national chapters.

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