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KELIN expands its mandate to focus more on women’s rights

Posted on 17/08/2015
By Joe Byrde

KELIN (Kenya), is embarking on a new phase in its programming, having adopted a new strategic plan that will expand their mandate to cover new areas: women land and property rights and sexual and reproductive health. 

The Kenya Ethical Legal Issues Network on HIV and AIDS (KELIN) is a human rights NGO working to protect and promote health-related human rights in Kenya, is committed to promoting and protection of the full enjoyment of health-related rights for all. It does this guided by core values of integrity, equality and non discrimination, justice and fairness, excellence, respect and dignity.

Registered on 20th December 2001, it was established to address and respond to Legal, Ethical and human rights issues relating to health and HIV and AIDS. Over the period, the mandate of the organization has broadened due to related health rights issues that need attention.

The 2015 – 2019 period, KELIN intends to focus on the following thematic areas

  1. HIV and TB
  2. Women’s Land and Property rights
  3. Sexual and reproductive health rights
  4. Key and affected populations 

These will drive the realization of strategic outcomes set out to ensure the full realization of health-related rights. Attaining this will require strong advocacy on integration of laws and policies that are sensitive to human rights issues and facilitate access of justice in respect to human rights violations affected persons within KELIN’s thematic areas.

Advocacy will entail ensuring that the laws, policies and operational frameworks at the national and county levels are preventive of human rights and embrace rights based approach. Also, communities will be empowered on health related human rights.

In addition, persons experiencing health related human rights violation will be assisted to access justice. This would be realized through initiating and partnering with other actors like PBOs and CBOs. These strategic partnerships will be both nationally, regionally and globally to strengthen the rights based approach across the thematic areas.

In delivering its mandate, KELIN will strive to carry out consultative and sensitization forums with and for communities of persons affected by violations of sexual and reproductive health rights and undertake public interest litigation to influence policy and provide long term redress on human rights violations.

Ideally, the new strategic direction is for KELIN to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mandate.

Download: Strategic Framework 2015-2019



Influencing policy on HIV and AIDS

Access to health services and awareness of health rights are unequal in Kenya and disadvantage people with HIV/AIDS in particular.