Organisation: Shared Interest Foundation

Amount: £58 918.00

Year: 2013

Duration: 24 months

Country: Malawi, Rwanda, Swaziland



Fair trade between Commonwealth nations is recognised as vital in order to drive business.


Shared Interest Foundation is promoting fair trade in Africa by giving three networks a chance to share experiences and learn from each other.

With a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation, Shared Interest Foundation is collaborating on joint activities to allow greater networking and sharing of benefits, as well as learning from the success and failure of others. It will allow time and space for critical reflection involving those working in a similar context as well as those without any prior knowledge, helping to create a more objective analysis of progress, challenges, barriers, hopes and opportunities.

Focusing on learning by seeing and doing, project partners will visit each other’s operations and meet members, producers and board members to hear a wide range of experiences about how projects and schemes, such as income generation activities, have worked in reality.

The project has a strong emphasis on peer-to-peer learning and staff exchanges working in different country contexts. This project also responds to the 2013 Commonwealth Theme ‘Opportunity through Enterprise’.

Shared Interest Foundation, UK

Shared Interest Foundation was formed in 2004 as the charitable arm of Shared Interest Society.

It uses the pooled investments of its members in the UK to effect real and lasting improvements to people’s lives in poorer parts of the world. The organisation has an extensive knowledge of the fair trade sector, with prior experience of managing capacity building exchange projects through the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. It has worked directly with fair trade businesses in Africa for nine years.

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