Organisation: Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV & AIDS

Amount: £88 569.00

Year: 2013

Duration: 36 months

Country: Kenya



Unequal opportunities for women to access their health rights and unequal social and gender norms that justify the marginalisation of people affected by HIV/AIDS.


KELIN are creating a strong civil society network to help improve capacity to influence policy on HIV and AIDS-related issues in Kenya.

With the support of a Commonwealth Foundation grant, KELIN Kenya will develop networks promoting participatory governance. By enhancing people’s knowledge of human rights and current government policies, they will be better placed to engage in decision making processes.

Roundtable discussions with parliamentarians on discriminatory laws will also inform the future development of policy briefs.


KELIN is a human rights NGO working to protect and promote HIV-related human rights in Kenya.

They do this by: providing legal services and support, training professionals on human rights, engaging in advocacy campaigns that promote awareness of human rights issues, conducting research and influencing policy that promotes evidence-based change.

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