Organisation: i-Probono

Amount: £53 344.00

Year: 2013

Duration: 35 months

Country: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka



There is a gap between social entrepreneurs and the legal sector in South Asia. Access to legal professionals is therefore limited and thus further limits the operation of various entrepreneurs.


i-Probono’s work in India enables charitable organisations to access legal support and has led to the development of a successful model making it easier for lawyers and civil society organisations to engage with each other.

With a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation, i-Probono is replicating and adapting this Indian model to bridge the gap between social entrepreneurs and the legal sector in South Asia. The project will enable social entrepreneurs in four countries to access high-quality legal assistance, improving outcomes for people.

The i-Probono network and resource hub will be customised to support the legal requirements of these entrepreneurs by providing relevant information and opportunities to connect with experienced professionals. Through a mentoring programme, social entrepreneurs will work with a legal professional to assist them with general legal queries.

Social entrepreneurs will be able to access legal information more easily, thereby expanding their operations, gaining more exposure and growing their base of supporters. By strengthening their operations, they will be better placed to work with governance institutions and participate in decision making processes.

The project’s long-term goal is to provide social entrepreneurs with the tools and know-how to independently develop their own networks. It has the potential to strengthen civil society and will replicate a model currently used to provide pro bono services to charitable organisations. In addition the project has the potential to influence policies impacting on the development of social enterprises. This project also responds to the 2013 Commonwealth Theme ‘Opportunity through Enterprise’.


i-Probono is a not-for-profit online network connecting organisations in need of legal assistance with lawyers and students who want to use their skills for the public good.

The network’s global outreach enables people to engage in projects from around the world and allows organisations to source assistance across jurisdictions. This is the first website of its kind for the international legal community, bringing people and projects together to give organisations the support they need and volunteers the experience they want.

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