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Grants Workshop Files

Click here to access a zipped folder of documents for the Commonwealth Foundation Grants Workshop. 

You will be directed to a page (see image above) where you can download a folder containing all the files by clicking the download button: 

Documents Included 

1) Case Studies

a) Case study HIDA – logframe (complete)

b) Case study HIDA – logframe (incomplete)

c) Case study HIDA – logic model

d) Case study HIDA – ME Plan

e) Case study HIDA – Narrative Report and Performance Framework

f) Case study HIDA – Narrative theory of change

2) Communications

a) CF Visiblity Guidelines for Grant Recipitents

b) Commonwealth Foundation Twitter Guide

c) Communications Contact – Form

d) Afrikids – CP Children Case Studies

e) Social Media Tips

f) Social Media – What we are looking for

3) Guidance

a) Annex E1 – Interim reporting guidelines

b) Annex E2 – End of project reporting guidelines

c) CF guidance to developing a logframe and monitoring plan 15.08.16

d) Project management and reporting presentation – updated Sept 2016

e) Tips for logic models and results frameworks

f) Tips on Reporting

4) Grantee Presentations

5) Templates

a) Annex D1 – CF Logframe template

b) Annex D2 – CF Performance Framework

c) Annex E3 – Financial Report Templates

d) Indicator Plan Template

e) ME Plan Template

f) Travel & misc claim form for CF sponsored participants

g) Workshop Assessment Form