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Fin 24 reports on waste pickers project

Posted on 03/06/2018
By Commonwealth Foundation

Informal waste pickers in South Africa have been committed to improving the environment as well as their livelihoods. Waste pickers make an income by combing through waste and selling recyclables from cardboard and plastic bottles to metal, providing a useful service for thier communities.

Fin 24 reports that ‘now they are fighting, not only for recognition, but also for assistance to end their dependence on a series of “middlemen” companies that buy salvaged material to sell on to large corporations.’

Read Fin 24’s report on the waste pickers’ struggle for recognition here.



Improving the environment and the livelihoods of waste pickers

Informal waste pickers play a critical role in collecting and recycling the waste of South Africa's major cities, but their role is not well recognised.