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Learning exchange

Accountability in health policy and service provision

Date & Time
4:00am, 15 May 2019 - 1:00pm, 17 May 2019
About the event

The Foundation will hold a learning exchange between its partners delivering projects on health policy and equity in health service provision across 10 Commonwealth countries. Partners will share knowledge and expertise to unpick some of the challenges of holding governments to account on health rights and to explore what works and can be improved in health policy and accountability processes in different contexts.

Equal access to health is a critical issue for the sustainable development of communities and nations, an important component of Agenda 2030 and a key social justice indicator.

Overall objectives

The objectives of the three-day learning exchange are:

1) Share knowledge and expertise between health rights projects and partners from at least eight Commonwealth countries

2) Identify good practices in people’s participation in governance in the health sector covering the following areas:

  • Challenges, strategies and approaches that have worked in holding governments to account on health policy commitments and delivering equity in health service delivery
  • Engagement in a range of policy and legislation processes in the health sector
  • Capacity development approaches and methodologies that have worked
  • Approaches in integrating gender and its intersectionality in health projects

3) Document good practices in strengthening civic voices to engage in governance in the health sector from the content of the exchange

The health learning exchange agenda can be downloaded here: 
Download the learning exchange agenda (2343 downloads )